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Can-am Spyder RS Hot Black Flame pre-cut graphics kit




A Wrapmyspyder customer, Lisa (who applied this kit with her husband), sent over some feedback on her Can-am Spyder RS Hot Black Flame pre-cut graphics install. Wrapmyspyder produced this kit for her using the specially-ordered transparent wrapping film. More specifically, the order was for the “Hot Black Flame” Spyder RS/RSS/ST pre-cut graphics kit.  It can be ordered directly from WrapMySpyder  If interested in this graphics kit, feel free to contact WrapMySpyder at 814-838-6377.

Lisa said:

I ended up doing it myself.  I was quoted $600.00 plus to have it applied by more than one place and knowing my own capabilities, I read up on the process and features and one by one brought the pieces inside prepped and wrapped them with my husbands help as the second set of hands.  It had some personal benefits as well and the kids loved it as we kept the house temp at 72 degrees for the process and curing of the wrapped pieces. It was nice to take the extra layer off in the evening where we usually turned the heat down… Anyway, it looks wonderful and was worth the effort of doing  it myself.

I found you on website.
I am very pleased with your product and so I wanted you to have these pictures.
The wet application took time and patience, but was well worth it!  I love the look of the clear background!  My neighbor even came over and complimented the “paint job.”  He was surprised they were not painted. 🙂

Thank you for a fine product!!!”

Lisa K.
Amsterdam, NY