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Can-am Spyder Vinyl Body Wrap

Take a look at this fully custom Can-am Spyder wrap that we created for our customer Cindy B.  Cindy contacted us and had made a special design request for us to create a design that had Purple, Pink and Orange tones in it. We had a few discussions on the phone and shared some files along with various image layouts that were potential images for her project.  Once Cindy picked the basic Can-an spyder wrap design she liked we were able to incorporate these within our precision cut Can-am Spyder RT body templates. This allowed us to show Cindy exactly with the kit would look like before we actually digitally printed it as a pre-cut easy apply vinyl Spyder RT wrap kit. Cindy looked at our first proof but asked that we make some changes to it by editing some colors for her.  Once again we made the edits and resent her another proof. She absolutely loved the second version so we were ready for production. Because Cindy’s BRP Spyder RT Limited was Pearl White metallic she wanted the metallic finish to show through the wrap so we use our high performance cast transparent wrapping film with a glossy cast sheet laminate to produce this Can am Spyder wrap. Do you like this custom Can-am Spyder wrap for the RT Limited model?  We now offer this kit called C-Buck on our website here.

Due to the great demand for our Can-am Spyder wraps and products we have created a brand new website where you can shop for all of the vinyl wraps, decals and dash kits for Spyders we have. I have included

Cindy’s comments below:  I want to let everyone who has ever considered getting a vinyl wrap for their Spyder know that they need to contact you as soon as they can. I cannot thank you enough for all your help–from my color choice to my resources for finding a design to websites that provide information and generally fingertip help from start to finish. You always welcomed all my calls and didn’t make me feel like a crazy woman who didn’t know spit from spinola. :) Your help was appreciated, but your finished product was amazing!!! The wrap turned out better than I had hoped. It is exactly what I wanted. It’s absolutely show-stopping gorgeous. The man who put it on for me said he spent hours on the phone with you making sure he was doing it all the right way. You have been patient, kind, and professional. I hope to see many more Spyders wrapped in the future–all with your signature!
Thanks again.
Cindy from Tennessee

C-buck Spyder RT full body wrap
Our C-buck kit is created to cover almost all of the body of the Spyder RT. Pre-cut panels and easy apply wrapping film make installation easier.


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Can-am Spyder RT pre-cut True Fire Natural Flame Kit

Take a look at this Spyder RT of R Ham.  He contacted us with a request to make his Spyder RT look like it was on fire with our True Fire Natural flame wrap.  We created a pre-cut flame kit in this fire pattern for him.  To start he just did the front trunk and fenders but after a week of riding and all the positive comments he wanted to take it to the next level.  We then produced more pre-cut graphics for the Spyder RT using our precision cut templates which make first time user application very easy.   All of our Spyder kits are Pre-cut DIY application for even the most timid installers feel comfortable.

If that is not enough we have produced a graphics application videos for each section of our Spyder RT decal kit.  You can watch the video and then do the application while it is fresh in mind.  It’s almost like you have one of our professional team members by your side as you do your install.  It doesn’t get any better than that.  Plus .. each of our kits comes with application instructions and a Free squeegee tool & more..  If you have a BRP Can-am Spyder & you are looking for ways to dress it up look no further than   We are your Spyder graphics connection.  Special thanks to R Ham for sending these photos

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Can-am Spyder Leisuretime RT Vinyl Wrap Kit

Can-am Spyder RT, RTS precision pre-cut graphics kit, decals, wrap- Can am Spyder RT wraps by: PowerSportsWraps.comCan-am Spyder RT, RTS precision pre-cut graphics kit, decals, wrap- Can am Spyder RT wraps by: PowerSportsWraps.comSpyder RT, RTS, vinyl decal kits cut to shape for easy install… just peel and stick apply- PowerSportsWraps.comCan-am spyder RT decal kits, peel & stick apply, cut to shape for easy install… videos available - PowerSportsWraps.comCan am spyder RT pre-cut graphics, wrap decal kit, custom designed, order your RT pre-cut decal kit today or have one created using your design-

Take a look at our all new Can am Spyder RT pre-cut decal kit.  This is the largest Spyder RT pre-cut decal kit on the market today.  Just look at all the pieces we offer for your Spyder RT wrap.  Easy to apply just peel and stick each piece & if that isn’t easy enough we have installation videos for each piece so you can watch how to apply this Spyder RT decal kit.  We even can create a matching dash skinz kit for your RT just like the one in these photos or we can create a custom RT decal kit kit just for you.  Contact us with your Can-am RT graphics idea..


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Can-am Spyder Conform Chrome RT 12pc Dash Kit

We are the largest supplier of Spyder custom dash kits & dash skinz on the market today.  We offer a huge selection of Can-am Spyder Dash kit colors and styles for your Can-am RT or RS model.

Looking for custom design, check out our all new dash skinz custom designed digital images that match your wrap or graphics.  Dash skinz apply in the same area as a dash kit but are  produced on specialty vinyl with super thick glossy laminate for the best durability possible.  Set your Spyder apart from all the others…  with a dash kit

Order your kit here!

Chrome Accent Trim for RT model
Our Chrome Trim was created to accent our Chrome dash kit. This trim runs parallel with the dash on the outside edge on both sides.
Chrome Trim accent kit
Our chrome trim will accent the dash kit by running parallel with the kit from the dash top to the seat.
Chrome dash and Trim for Spyder RT
Chrome dash and Trim for Spyder RT. Chrome trim is finish the look when you have installed our chrome dash kit.
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Can-Am Spyder Red Bellerdine Graphics kit, BRP, Spyder Wrap

Special thanks to our customer for sending us his photos of his Spyder with our new Red Bellerdine kit applied.  Mark made a request to us for the look he wanted for his Spyder. We created, designed and delivered.  If you have a custom request for graphics for your motorcycle or Can-Am spyder feel free to contact usSee our full line of Can-am Spyder products here. Shop for wraps on our website.


The Bellerdine spider can be applied in many different ways so have fun and express yourself.
Bellerdine Spider Red-Black
Bellerdine Spider Red-Black Is a great accent to promote your Spyder motorcycle. Order your kit today!
Bellerdine Spider in Black- red combo
Get noticed with our most popular spider design we offer. You receive 3 pieces in your kit