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Can-am Spyder Frunk Wrap Lamb-Lion Design

This design Is Called our Lamb Lion Can-Am Spyder Frunk Vinyl Wrap. It was created for one of our Spyder RT owners who was looking to personalize her machine and make it stand out from all the others. Our customer Christy applied this wrap herself using our easy peel and stick wrapping film.  We can create a custom look just for you please contact us to discuss the details.

Lamb Lion Wrap shown with optional reflective leopard 32 design
NOTE: Lamb Lion Wrap shown with optional reflective leopard 32 design


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Can-am Spyder RS-S Vinyl Frunk Wrap- She Hulk

We get many requests each day with design idea that Can-am Spyder owners have for their machines. We do our best to help with as many projects as we can but some we do have to turn down for various reasons. This design She Hulk Vinyl Frunk Wrap, is a great example of how we can make your idea a reality.  With a bit of some communication and some idea sharing we can make your concept idea a reality. Contact us to see how we can help.


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Can-am Spyder RT Custom Dragon Green Wrap Graphics

A customer all the way from Australia sent over these awesome photos of his Can-am Spyder RT. The pictured Dragon Green graphics were custom created just for him. This is yet another perfect example of how Wrapmyspyder can custom create the right look just for your Spyder.

We work closely with our customers no matter their location to give them the look and feel they want to personalize their Can-am Spyder. How can we help you?



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Can-am Spyder Ghost Red Lightning Graphics Kit

Do you own a Spyder?  Did you know WrapMySpyder is only one of a few who offer more than 55 pre-cut body templates for these machines? This means awesome things for you! We can offer you a pre-cut kit with a pattern fill in each pre-cut piece to create a custom look like no one else has. Offering over 200 fill patterns, you can choose from a wide variety for your custom Can-am Spyder decal kit.

The Can-am Spyder RT (below) showcases yet another option you have for Spyder decals. This kit is our Ghost Red Lightning kit option is called a Shape-cut decal kit where you have no base film- only the design. This kit is available in many color options. This style kit is much easier to apply. As you can see,  first time user, Ed, did a great job!

If you have an idea for your Spyder please contact us and we will do our best to assist you.  See our latest Can am spyder project gallery here. If you would like to see what we have available for Spyders on our website take a look here.

Ghost Red lightning graphics kit
Ghost Red lightning graphics kit looks great on any machine and adds a subtle addition that makes your bike look different
Ghost Red lightning mounted on Spyder ST
With it’s many pieces you can create the subtle look that fits your personality. You apply the pieces as you like.
Ghost Red lightning side panel top
Accent and add flare to any panel on your Spyder by installing our Ghost Red Lightning kit.



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Can Am Spyder RT GT Racing Stripes

Here is a custom Mustang GT style racing stripe kit we created for one of our customers Anita.  Anita contacted us with the request for these GT style racing stripes for her  Spyder RT.  She provided the needed details for us to make this custom stripe kit for her RT.  We provided everything else she needed to do the application her self. Below are her comments.  If you have a need for Racing stripes for your Spyder please contact us and we can provide pricing based on your project.

Comments from other Spyderlovers on the website.

Our customer Anita said:

I wanted to be sure to send you another note to say THANK YOU for all of your time and help with creating, cutting, and installing the rally stripes on my Spyder.  It looks exactly as I had envisioned and I absolutely love it!  Most folks I talked with (including the thread on suggested leaving the fenders red so that’s what I chose to do.  I’m not sure what I’m going to do with the extra material I now have, but I’ll think of something.  I have attached a few more pics of the Spyder in the sun as well as a few I took during installation.  Because I didn’t install the trunk stripes as one piece and needed to be sure they all lined up, I came up with the idea of using a whiteboard marker to mark the center line on the trunk as well as on the transparent lining of the decal.  I simply overlaid the line from the decal onto the one on the trunk and the edges lined up perfectly.  I had to cut the 2 lower stripes a little thinner due to the curvature of the rear end, but using the whiteboard marker to mark the edge to line up with the stripe above worked out just as I hoped it would.  Once I had it all lined up, I simply took a paper towel and some alcohol and it wiped away cleanly.

Feel free to send others to me if they have any questions about installing – I’m happy to help.  


2 tone RT-GT Racing stripes are a special-order
Two tone GT racing stripes are available as a special order item. Please contact us to discuss color options for your machine. Call 814-838-6377
RT GT racing stripes white
Spyder RT GT Racing stripe kit includes the Frunk, glove box and rear trunk parts to complete the look front to back.
Saddle Bag stripe no circle option
GT Racing Stripes- RT Saddle bags No circle option. Color is 082 Blue