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Can-am Spyder RS-S Vinyl Frunk Wrap- She Hulk

We get many requests each day with design idea that Can-am Spyder owners have for their machines. We do our best to help with as many projects as we can but some we do have to turn down for various reasons. This design She Hulk Vinyl Frunk Wrap, is a great example of how we can make your idea a reality.  With a bit of some communication and some idea sharing we can make your concept idea a reality. Contact us to see how we can help.


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Can am Spyder RT Purple Tribal Flames Graphics Kit- Spyder RT, RS, RSS

Take a look at this custom Can am Spyder RT. Our customer Don H. came to visit us in early May all the way from Texas USA. His trip logged him some 1,850 miles to come up here to PA to have us design & install this one of a kind graphics kit on his RT.

Don requested that we match the color of his custom air brush trunk (frunk) with the graphics we were creating just for him. With a bit of testing we nailed it for him.  Don had heard some good things about us on & contacted us with a custom design request. If you have a Can-am Spyder that you are looking to dress up contact us… we can help. Here is what some Spyderlovers are saying about Don’s RT graphics.

See our Custom multi piece kits for RS & RSS models See our Frunk wraps for spyder models

Shop our website for pattern options or send us a custom design request.

Phone: 814-838-6377

Order your Purple Tribal Flames Graphics Kit here.

Purple Tribal Flame Graphics Kit
This is an oversized shape cut graphics kit. Purple Tribal Flame kit looks like custom air brush with alot of detail.
Purple Tribal Flames Graphics Kit
The detail on the Purple Tribal Flame Graphics Kit is outstanding with the 3D effects.
Purple Tribal Flame Kit
This is an oversized shape cut graphics kit. Purple Tribal Flame kit looks like custom air brush with alot of detail.


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Can am Spyder trunk, frunk, hood wrap decal “Spidy on Web Red”

Special thanks to Tim & Judy for sending us the photo of their Spyder with our Spidy on Web Red trunk wrap. 

Tim applied the trunk wrap him self & just loved the results.  We have a growing selection of Spyder trunk, frunk wraps, decals, multi piece graphics kits & more available for your Spyder.  If you do not see what you are looking for just send us a request & our design team will create what you want. Shop our Store 24/7

Tim Said:  Hi there Pete, it goes without saying service, product quality and installation video were perfect. Tim.

Spidy on Web Red
Spidy on Web Red frunk wrap is designed to cover the full frunk area.
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Lamonster’s Can am Spyder RT custom tribal flame graphics, Spyder wraps, Lamonts Spyder RT with “tribal Web” graphics on it by PowerSportsWraps.comcan am spyder custom decals, wraps, graphics for RT and RS bikes, custom design available contact: powersportswraps.comlamonsters can am Spyder RT custom wrap applied by





Here are a few photos of the Can am Spyder RT we did for Lamonster from  Lamont was looking for something that would make his bike stand out from all the others as he displayed it in the BRP factory tent for Daytona bike week 2011.  Lamont said the bike was a big hit & everyone thought it was custom paint.  Yes, you can have a completely custom spyder graphic designed just for you & we guarantee it will cost hundreds if not thousands less than custom paint or air-brush.  Most of our designs are HD resolution & we can create just about anything you are looking for, we can even reproduce photos and make them  a wrap for you.  Contact us with your Can am Spyder project & see how inexpensive it really is.  We can make you stand out from the crowd.  Shop our Can am Spyder graphics & wraps here.  or see our huge vinyl wrap store.

Read more about Lamonsters Spyder RT graphic project.

phone: 814-838-6377

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Can-am Spyder RT-SE, Can-am graphics, Spyder, Can-am RT-SE trunk wrap, Venom, Trunk wrap



2010 Can am Spyder RT-SE graphics, decals, custom, diy trunk graphics PowerSportsWraps.comCan-am SPyder 2010 RT Touring SE decals, vinly venom Powersportswraps.com2010 Can-am SPyder RT-SE vinyl trunk wrap





Spyder owners…. Here is a 2010 RT-SE with our “Venom” frunk wrap  applied.  This Can-am trunk wrap was applied by our customer Jay Nichols from Texas.  He had some assistance as you can see from the pictures.  We recommend that you have 2 people present to do the trunk decal kit application.  We do have a number of application videos available for our Can-am Spyder trunk wraps and graphics kits. 


The service was great, I was surprised at how big the sheet was once I opened the package.  The quality of the graphic and material is excellent.  The quality of the installers was marginal at best!  I did suggest to my wife’s son that we are now experienced and should go into business.  He less than politely declined.
I will say that the application video makes the job look a little easier than it really is for novices.  The first side, we had all the excess sticking everywhere.  It was like playing slap-jacks with an octopus.  Now on top of that, Jonathan was trying to keep the applique off the surface by holding it almost vertical while I’m trying to press it down.  That did not work.  It worked much better when he allowed the material to lay down while I kept the dryer on it and used a swirling motion to press it in.  (I didn’t have cotton gloves, but I did have a soft cotton cloth I used).  Using overlapping swirling motions to press it in kept the bubbles and creases to a minimum (once my helper understood what he was supposed to do).
On the second side, in order to make Jonathan’s job easier, I trimmed the excess.  And I ended up cutting a little too much at the upper left corner of the Trunk lid.  We ended up cutting it straight across about 3 inches from the upper tip, and did that on the other side to make it even.  Didn’t seem to detract from the visual, and I may use a 1/2 in reflective stripe to cover and blend the seam.  I’ll see how it looks.